What does flying in a balloon feel  like? 

Check out our new trailer! It will give you a sense of the wonderful cinematic experience of flight!

What should I wear? 

 It’s good to dress according to the weather, as the temperature aloft does not vary much from the ground. It is good to keep in mind that during evening flights the air can cool quickly after sunset,  and during morning flights the sunrise can bring warmth. We recommend dressing in layers, so you can comfortably adjust. 

It is best to wear long pants, and comfortable shoes. We must insist you do not wear heels , sandals, or open-toed shoes. Ask Jess, our pilot in training, about the time she took her shoes off in the balloon and a man accidentally steadied himself by standing on her feet. Also, we often land in or near fields and in Wisconsin it is best to guard oneself against ticks, poison ivy, or thorns.

It’s a good idea to bring a hat as the radiant heat from burner can feel very warm, especially for our taller guests. 

 But I am afraid of heights!!            

Don't worry, so are we. Our student pilot Jess even goes weak in the knees on a high ladder. However, ballooning offers a very different feeling than you'd expect. First, the structure of the basket gives a sense of great security, and other than the brief jostling of take-off or landing, there is no swaying or rocking beneath the balloon. The feeling of stillness and serenity in the air, has to be felt to be believed. Our experience has been that people who are afraid of heights always marvel at how, in the balloon, it never even crossed their mind.   It is one of the most peaceful and exhilarating experiences to be had

 How many people can fly?

Our basket can take between 2-6 passengers.

 How far do you fly?  

Flights tend to be between 5 to 10 miles, depending on the wind speed and optimal landing spots.

 How fast do you fly?

Like a cloud, a hot air balloon travels with the wind. However for safety’s sake we don’t fly in winds over 10mph. This is why ballooning is one of the most peaceful ways of travel.

 Do pilots need a license?

 Yes, we absolutely do. We are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and any pilot taking paying passengers must complete their Commercial Pilot Rating by  passing oral, written, and in-craft flight exams.  Safety and regulation are very important to us.

Where do you land?

That depends. Since we move with the wind, we generally land about 5-10 miles from the launch site in the direction the wind is blowing. Balloonists tend to choose fields or open spaces to land.  

 How do you steer?

Since balloons move with the wind, you don’t “steer” like you would in a boat or a car. You are able to ascend and descend to different altitudes where the speed and the direction of the winds vary. Using this technique, a pilot is able to control to an extent the path of the balloon, but the majority of the journey is decided by the wind.

 How many crew members do you need?

 The envelope (the fabric “balloon” part) of the balloon weighs about 350lbs and the basket and fuel tanks weigh another 500. That’s a lotta balloon to handle! This is why we have 3 enthusiastic members of the crew, plus the pilot, to inflate, deflate, navigate, and toast the flight. They help make the set-up and take-down parts of the voyage as quick, safe, and fun as possible.

How do we get back to our cars?

We bring you back happy, safe, and sound right where we found you. 

 What type of fuel does your balloon use?

Our balloon uses propane.

 How safe is ballooning?

Ballooning is one of the absolute safest forms of flying. Also, we boast a pilot with decades of experience and a perfect safety record.  

Can anyone fly? 

While ballooning is a magical experience--it is an adventure sport, and can sometimes have rough landings. This is why it is not suitable for young children, women who are pregnant, and people who've recently had surgery or have major physical concerns. Please contact us with any questions you may have, as we are able to make certain accommodations.  


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