Fly away with us on our new adventures and learn fun facts about our ballooning history with our “stories from the vault”.


The water looks amazing down below!!!  

The water looks amazing down below!!!  

This summer has offered us some amazing ballooning opportunities so far. We’ve met some great folks with really interesting stories, and from many different locations. Love is clearly in the air (pardon the pun), since we’ve had a lot of people interested in celebrating their anniversaries with a flight. It’s hard to express how honored we feel to be the surprise experience that someone wants to give their significant other to express how happy they are to be with them. We’d be floating on clouds if we weren’t already.

One of the best parts about flying over Wisconsin is that you find out how friendly Wisconsinites really are. People honk their horns, kids jump up and down in their yards, and families take pictures and wave back at us. Some times you’ll hear someone offering a drink or inviting us down for a swim.  It’s pretty incredible seeing the world from up there. 

Remember to say hello if you see us passing overhead! We love meeting people from the air!—AW 7/9/13



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