Our Approach

We believe there are three fundamental elements for doing business which we use to guide our notion of success and our way of life. 

  • Gratitude-at least 3% of our sales are donated to good causes. Connect with us on Facebook for updates on things happening around the community. 
  • Quality- we define this as "customer delight."  Quite simply, if you are not delighted by your experience with us,  just say so and will will provide a full refund, no questions asked
  • Stoke-have fun, do good, and spread optimism!

Aeroworks Balloons is a family adventure. Our ballooning history goes back almost a half century and each member of our team brings their own unique skills and passion to our expeditions.


Gary Meddock                                               AeroWorks Flight Team, Pilot

Gary has over 40 years experience in the sky.  At the age of 9, his brother Dodds—a hot air ballooning legend, and a member of the first team to fly a balloon over the North Pole—taught Gary the art of flight.  From that moment, he’s been hooked.  Gary has flown ultralights, airplanes, paragliders, parachutes, and gliders, but swears there is nothing quite like the sensation of balloon flight.

Gary pioneered a stunt known as "balloonwalking",  had a job building rainbows as part of a formation flight team at EPCOT Center, and his adventures have been featured in Life Magazine and The Donohue Show. 



Jess Windance Meddock                               AeroWorks Flight Team, Student Pilot

On Oct 31st, 1981, at the age of 3-weeks, Jess had her first balloon flight.  Her childhood was filled with flying machines and the sense that the sky was just another playground. Her first tree swing was a parachute harness fixed to a branch, and she and her brother Jasper built tree forts with decommissioned balloon parts. Ballooning was life. 

Growing up, she watched her Dad pilot the skies—amazed at his ease and expertise-- and now, by his side, she’s training to be a pilot herself.



 Jasper Dodds Meddock                                                                                                                        Aeroworks Flight Team, Crew

Jasper was bitten by the adventure bug at an early age. An avid kiteboarder, paraglider, and skydiver—there’s no wasted wind with Jasper.  After spending the last year working at a skydiving outpost in New Zealand, he’s ready to keep pursuing to his goal of basejumping in some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.  


Tim Gibson                               AeroWorks Flight Team, Crew

Tim is a traveling and fitness enthusiast. He is a very unique blend of artist and craftsman. He balances the love of creative work with discipline—a terrific mix of traits for a any team member. Tim dedicates himself wholly to whatever task he undertakes and as the newest member of our crew, his sense of discipline and hard work complements our operation. 



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