We regretfully announce that we will NOT be opening again for business this summer. First, we want to assure all customers who have any deposits or credits for flights with us, that you will receive a full and prompt refund.

Next, we want to explain a bit about the reasons why we are not moving forward this year.

Last season we had very anomalous weather conditions that caused more flight cancellations than the pilot has seen in 40+ years of ballooning. Whether it is climatological changes or something else, we have monitored the extraordinarily long and cold winter and how the conditions have developed this Spring and are not encouraged that we are seeing a return to more nominal patterns. Weather cancellations cause a lot of frustration for both our passengers and us.

We have not been able to assemble the same team we had last summer. Having the right team in place was a great contribution to the success of the business and the satisfaction of our guests.

We want to sincerely thank everyone who came out to fly with us last season, and everyone who has shown interest in flying this season.

Over the next few days we will be actively working to contact everyone who has purchased a gift voucher or has a deposit for this season and issuing refunds.

Please contact us with any questions by phone or via our web form

THANK YOU ALL so much for such a great season and your support. Here are a few more pictures of the fun we had last season. --Team AeroWorks

Click on the video above to get a feeling for the experience of flight. Join us on one of our sunrise or sunset hot air balloon flights in Madison, Wisconsin. Bring home photos and video of a lifetime. See the lush countryside of Wisconsin from a balloon and discover the most serene way to fly. Check out our new trailer! Staring YOU. 


Fly With Us

Have you ever laid back on a grassy hill and wondered what it might be like to hitch a ride on one of the puffy clouds dotting the sky?  It is every bit a cool as you can imagine, and not as impossible as you might think.

The physics that are responsible for making the clouds puff along through atmosphere, are in essence the same principles which power these magnificent flying machines.  So we invite you to come fly with us and experience the magic of floating along on a colorful cloud. 

How It Works

  • Get booked!
  • Flights are at sunrise and sunset, 7 days a week. This is the best time for balloons to fly due to atmospheric conditions. The fact that it's the most enchanting time of the day? Bonus.  
  • Flights are weather dependent and require winds less than 6 knots on the Earth's surface.
  • We let you know if the flight is a go  or a no-go  about 3 hours before the flight. 


  • First, you meet us at a designated launch area and we take you in our van out to the launch site.
  • The whole excursion lasts about 3-4 hours. This includes traveling to launch/landing sites, and pre-and post flight rigging.
  • Flight time is about one hour.
  • After the flight we land, pack up, celebrate with champagne, and recount tales from our adventure.
  • Book online with a deposit to hold your spot. We have gift certificate vouchers available as well, and they make an unforgettable gift.   



  • We have online booking
  • You can easily see our schedule online and book a time that is convenient and fits your schedule.
  • In the event bad weather causes a cancellation of your flight, our online booking tool makes the rescheduling process as easy as possible.
  • We're a local company, and you will be flying with the owner who has been involved with ballooning for 45 years, and has a perfect safety record.
  • We guarantee thoughtful attention to every aspect of your flight.
  • We offer the traditional post-flight champagne toast with a distinguished sparkling wine, champagne, or Wollersheim sparkling grape juice as a non-alcoholic alternative.
  • To complement the celebration, we serve artisanal Wisconsin cheeses and other tasty, local finds.
  • Complimentary cold soda and water are served during the adventure.




  • Balloons require nearly perfect weather conditions to safely fly. It is not entirely unheard of for a person to reschedule three or more times. Some weeks are great, and others are rainy and windy. 
  • We make it as easy as possible to stay up on the weather with notifications by email, texts, Tweets, and Facebook.
  • Our online scheduling tool provides the easiest possible method for rescheduling. 



Book Now, pick an open spot, and get set for a date in the clouds!


(608) 616-WIND (9463)